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Intelligent Pick-to-Light assembly system for fitting systems

Industry: Fitting Industry

InSystems Automation GmbH equipped a manufacturer of components for the fitting industry with an assembly island with a material flow computer (MFC) and remote PLC controls. The customer manufactures high-quality, safety-related fitting systems, order-related in small quantities but containing up to a large range of variations. The aim of the assembly system was to facilitate manual assembly operations through intelligent deployment architecture, a pick-to-light system and visualization of assembly. At the same time, the assembly steps and parameters were to be stored for quality control.

Project description

The assembly island consists of ten segments with parts supply, installation and screw fastening stations.

The stations are connected via a workpiece carrier transfer system to a "One - Flow - Piece" assembly line, which enables three workers to work simultaneously on different assembly variations. The workpiece carriers are manually moved onto a roller conveyor and stopped at the stations with stoppers. At each station the indexed workpiece carriers are checked and compared with the current work order.

At the stop points, the workpiece carriers are clamped manually or automatically until all assembly steps have been completed correctly. The part containers are ergonomically arranged, continuously loaded from the back of the assembly island according to the KANBAN principle and managed through the material flow computer.

For each assembly order, the part list from the SAP system from the material flow computer is translated in to the appropriate order picking and assembly processes. Thereby the arrangement of the part container is taken into consideration and the picking ranges optimized so that the assembly steps in the segments are carried out from left to right. Commissioned components, that are processed subsequently at a later station, are kept by the worker until assembly in a separate department at the workpiece carrier.

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