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Manual and automatic assembly and test stations for hydraulic pump units

Industry: Automobile-Supplier

Assembly Systems On this different stations oil pumps for trucks are assembled and examined for leakage. All production and test parameter of each pump are stored in a SQL data base for quality assurance.

Therefore a Matrix Barcode was towards-ennobled on the cover of each oil pump. This bar code, which can be recognized only under a certain beam of light with the eyes, will be read at each station by a camera sensor and handed over together with the respective production parameter to the data base.
The worker manually inserts the oil pump and a mounting plate into the device of the first assembly station and releases after leaving the safety area the fully automatic screwing.

The screws are supplied to the screwing unit automatically by a shaking pot with feeder. Also the length of the screws is controlled and wrong screws are separated. Two automatic electrical screwing systems of BOELLHOFF bolt after the supply of the screws with fixed torque the plate at four places. When all screwing parameters are correct the device is driven into withdrawal position and indicated to the worker by a light signal.

At the next station the oil reservoir is fastened with two screws to the pump. Also here the screws are measured in their length and supplied automatically to the screwing unit. The correct type of the oil reservoir is examined before with an object sensor.
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